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Officials believe future looks bright for state’s economic recovery

CLARKSBURG — West Virginia is seeing its best economic growth since 2014, according to the Mountain State Business Index.

The index, which gives a month-by-month snapshot of the state’s economy, recorded a 0.2 percent increase for September. Though 0.2 percent may seem small, it is significant for the state’s economy.

“The idea is that 0.2 percent is not negative, and it’s actually a fairly healthy rate of improvement,” said Brian Lego, an assistant research professor with West Virginia University’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research, which compiles the index.

 “If you look at the prior three to four months, you get the idea that things have stabilized, and that is a dramatic improvement from the downward sloping line that we saw over the last 12 to 13 months prior to that,” Lego said.

The September increase is the most growth the state’s economy has seen since the energy industry began its recent downward spiral.

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